It has been a wonderful journey that brought me here, and now the journey takes me elsewhere, maybe too soon, but perhaps it's better to remember this place in its perfect form, a little wild around the edges, but pure magic in those rows and rows of color. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to create a place like this. Meeting hundreds of amazing people and having a chance to delight you is an enormous privilege that is hard to give up.

The Pescadero Flowery - my staff and I - will still continue as a local wedding florist using Pescadero-grown flowers for events in the Bay Area.

My mission was to show people how powerful it is to engage with healthy agriculture. Pick flowers, and grow your own, and get your hands dirty more, and shop at small businesses and local farms. Don't buy crummy imported flowers, don't just take pictures of life, don't forget that you vote with your wallet.

THANK YOU for coming to experience this experiment. You made it all so worthwhile.



Pescadero Flowery Inside Shop.jpg

Capturing a lazy summer Sunday afternoon here in downtown Pescadero, CA.

The Shop

Our shop and farm is now closed. Thank you for visiting!